Like a Puzzle

cliché title is nothing but cliché!

Friendship is the most important thing for me. since I don’t have a love life and feelings is such a random thing for me, I use my time with all my friends–in school.

I am anything but ordinary. I don’t mind being with people any age or any status for that matter. I can be whoever I can when it comes to mingling with people–well, i just think that I do. but what I know is that.. when I become a friend of yours I will be your friend forever and you’ll be stuck with me till the end.

friendship is like creating a harmony. it’s like an epic symphony being perform by epic people. friendship is most likely a big puzzle that once fix, you’ll never be able to forget how to fix it. but if one piece of it got lost you’ll never be able to complete it.

I don’t know what happen, I can’t fathom how and why did everything turn out to be a big one blast. The thing is, the puzzle is fixed already but it’s like a certain entity blow it up and just let the scattered puzzle pieces escape without hesitation.

I tried mending it. though I too take the blame on why and how did it blow up. I just hate the fact that there are other force making things worst.  We are friends. yes, certainly we still are– I think.

I miss my friend tho. we are not speaking right now and it hurts freakin much.. it’s like.. ‘what the happened?’ we were close. we’re like sisters and it pained me that we both cause heartache to each other. and before you think about something else.. no we are not like “girlfriends”, we are just good friends.. as in really good friends that if not for our skin complexion we might pass as siblings. I used to guide her when she was on the rough part of her life. i trust her with my secrets and all..

we are like puzzle pieces blown by an unfathomable force. is it pull of gravity? work of an entity? time? i don’t know.. all i know is that i miss my friend and i’ll trade everything to get her back. damn those third wheels! now we’re like a different puzzle piece from a different kind of puzzle.. neither side connected.. and it freakin sucks..


you my dear friend! i miss you. i love you always.. i’ll still be here no matter what.


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