I don’t get the idea on why we need to label someone as something.

we are not even a thing to be labelled. we are humans. we have the right to choose on the things that we want to do with our lives.

i really don’t understand too, on why i am in a community where labels are attached to you. it is nauseating to be in a part of a community where in you are supposed to open minded with everything. yes we have cultures.. just that as a media practitioner isn’t it you should be sitting/ standing there thinking that.. this person is not like that… that i shouldn’t judge this person because i don’t know him/her.

and please.. spare me with those judgmental eyes that kept on looking at appearances and judge them with appearance alone. it saddened me that most of the people who do it are from the media itself when they should be the one influencing people to be open minded.

yes. I was a victim of LABELS. f*cking labels that hunts me. I am a victim of judgmental eyes in my own freakin perfect community where in they label me for someone i am not. It ruined me. me and my inner self. sometimes it makes me wonder if the one i’m seeing in the mirror is really me.

i freakin hate labels. but i hate those people who gives it. they really need to get a life. Not everyone in this god damn world wants to label themselves as somebody or something else. Not everyone wants to be treated like a THING.

if they only knew that rubbing that LABELS on others face, ruins others lives. then maybe, no one will get hurt nor judge by the god damn society. if only they knew the effects.

if only.



For 2 weeks I had been staying here in my Hometown. Danacbunga, Botolan, Zambales.

Our place is near the beach and staying here is like heaven. so here. some pictures of sunsets.