Letter to Peterpan



thank you for the memories.

thank your for putting a smile on my lips..

thank you for everything..


now that i’m awaken, i now know what to do.

i’ll stand up.. find someone who’ll believe that my love exists.

someone who will make my light shine again the way it should be.


did you really think that i almost lose my light because of the daughter of wendy?

not entirely.. but the main reason is that.. still.. it is still wendy that resides in your heart.

you hoped that i was her. i saw that in your eyes. the longing for the love you’ve lost.


i dreamt of being wendy. of being the girl you lie your eyes upon to..

but i guess.. it would just be one of my dreams.


now.. i’m flying.. away from you.. away from your eyes that screams her name…

i had love you yes.. but now.. i don’t know..


i’m writing this to you.. not because i want you to realize what you’re going to lose.. but i’m writing this..

because.. i want you to know.. that once in my life..

you became special.. and i know you’ll always be..


goodbye peter..

till next ime..






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