Something to Hold on to

we people do appreciate little things, little things that made us grow that made us strong as an individual.


me? i do appreciate three things in life, hatred for being so kind to me as always, you teach me that life is not all about love, that life has a bitter side wherein we people live to absorb. hatred is something that made us realize that we too have feelings that we are not just a common rock staying still in a surface, that hatred is a way to release all the tension that are burning us. hatred is showing you used to care but now you’re not because you suffered from pain, pain that you can’t live. but don’t you realize, hatred is the reason why there are strong bonds, you hated once but once you resolve your issues there’s nothing you can do but appreciate it. hatred is something useful, hatred is something that we cannot deal with just ourselves. because hatred is a tool, is a way to have a deeper relationship with others and with HIM.


second on my list is you Loneliness, loneliness that resting inside my core and always comes out whenever a fateful event would happen. this mysterious feeling live inside every people’s heart is the same feeling when you lose somebody. it is the feeling when you didn’t get the thing you want, your desires. but really this thing is, this feeling is normal. we rarely appreciate it because it’s something negative but it helps people to appreciate certain things: that being lonely only proves that we’re hurt to lose somebody/someone/something that we really care about.


and lastly, brokenness, this happens if we fail to have something we want, this is the result of our own selfishness. brokenness is something that all of us can’t live without, everyone of us gets broken once in a while and really it’s good, because when we are broken and we feel like we are left behind, someone will come and will make us feel that we are worthy of someone’s love. people get broken because they choose the thing that is wrong (person, decision), and really it makes me sad to know that they blame others for that when the only thing to blame are themselves, for being such a jerk for being such a one big stupidity, but then again, i can’t really blame them, they just let their weakness to eat them, but then again, being broken is something to be appreciated. being broken makes us realize that we are wrong, that our decision is wrong. i remember someone asked me a question.. ‘would you let your happiness go for the sake of someone else?’ i answered yes, maybe because that’s how life goes. i mean, what if the person you’re saying ‘your happiness’ is not your happiness at all? you will feel broken for letting him/her go it’s normal, simply because you’ve learned to love him or her. but then when you realize that what you did is just right–letting go– would you still choose to go back?


really these three things are part of an overwhelming trials that made us HUMAN. and i appreciate them.. really.. 🙂