Rumour Mill

I was thinking of joining PBB.. yah know.. Pinoy Big Brother something something. Well, away from the real world for 100+ days.. Fun right? But the thing is they will televise all my nonsense rants and my shitty life inside the house. Come to think of it, you’re away from the real world but the real world has all the satisfaction in talking about how messy and shitty your life inside. People will try to dig on your files and guess what; try to expose the shitty life that you left. Well.. that’s the entertainment people wants. No privacy at all. You’ll say you’ll not care.. how can you? If you’re there inside a big (not really) house and having a life with people you don’t even know..  and how could you care if you do not know that  your life is being exposed by people who doesn’t know the real you.

Gossip. The shitty thing called gossip.. it would either make you bad or make you worst. The gossipers tend or actually.. they don’t care what you do with your life.. if you messed up then you messed up they’re just there to create random chaos in your life. Holding hands with someone means you have hots for that person. Talking to random guys for some idea in an issue (i.e. RH BILL) means you’re a whore. And being close with a girl if you’re a girl means you’re lesbian. Haha.. how absurd these rumours are. They tend to create something that defies the real thing. I wonder how they manage to do that? Why can’t they ask the person involve. I wonder. Are they afraid that it might be a slap on their faces if the news that they’d been spreading is just another gossip from a shithole? Oh well, I don’t know.

What I know is that I’m ranting on how creepy they could be. How’d they know something then twist it into something else. And I’m really, as in really TERRIFIED with their imagination.. goodness, one simple action is equivalent to lots of possibilities.. (*shrug) honestly, they could be the greatest fiction writers knowing facts and mixing it with their own version of the story wow! It could even win a Pulitzer Award for fiction. Best seller worldwide without even putting an effort. Maybe it’s their habit, ya know, weaving some stories to make it real somehow… doing lots of covering up to the shitty holes of their, oh-so-truthful stories. Yeah.. past time. That’s really nice of them. (Talking about sarcasm everyone.

Oh, these people could be good lawyers, maybe they’re lawyers in their past life.. I don’t know. But they’re a good. They could even have a living because of it.. goodluck people of Rumours association.. you’re doing a VERY GOOD JOB.. yey!