Finding Soulmate

it was way too ordinary. really ordinary…

but how did it became extraordinary? i dunno.. someone came? a knight in shining armor? a witch? a fairy godmother that will grant my wish? no! i was just walking on the path and stepped on a shit… lol.. kidding..

but.. uh.. here is why something ordinary became extraordinary..

I¬†was walking in this F path.. holding a cat.. no i’m holding a drink on my right hand and bunch of papers on my other hand, then the wind blew and the papers slipped on my hand [how clumsy]. i picked the papers up without noticing a certain individual who picked one of the papers. when i stand up, i saw him staring at the paper. he kept on looking at it as if he got interested. he turned the paper upside-down with some curiosity in his face. what a dumb A**. he seemed puzzle with the thing. i scanned on my papers to see what is missing… OH NO! i immediately went to him and abruptly grab the paper in his hand. he just stare at me and smiled.

“what?!” i asked.

“nothing.. just got interested with your sketch..”

“got interested huh!”

“yeah.. it seemed so familiar.”

“yeah right!” i said.

“hehe.. that piece is the half piece of this..” he said and showed me something, a piece of paper with the exact drawing i have. i was amazed to see it and when i try to put them up together… it fit perfectly.. every lines, every color.. is just right. then i look at him.

he just smile.

“nice meeting you soul mate..”