imma wakaranai

this had been so surreal..

it’s something really unusual..

something i never want to feel at all…

falling in love..? i am.. but hoping i’m not.

days had past and still, here i am… staring at this blank page that i am now starting to fill. it’s like filling an empty piggy bank… you know.. i have to think of something to buy before i could fill it; before i’ll start putting some money on it. well, what’s the connection of it to me? to the thing that is surreal.. well, here is it.

it’s been days.. opps no! weeks… F*cking weeks in turmoil.i wanna know some answers.. but God knows… really.. He is the only one who knows the answers to my silly questions… but wait! in order to have question… isn’t it you need to have a problem first? there.. hmmmnn… *sigh.

yeah.. i do have a problem.. HIM.

who’s he? someone you don’t / might know. he is the core of everything. he is the reason why i’m on turmoil.. he who can make me smile but could also make me frown. he the center.. opps no! he’s not the center of my life.. he’s just half-way there..

that person made me realize that i could be someone i didn’t know i am. and now.. goodness! i don’t know what to do… it’s like.. you fill the piggy bank.. yet the thing you want was already sold out. you know what i mean.. Kare wa ta no dareka ga daisuki ..

hmmn.. so surreal.. that i’m feeling this way.. i never thought i’m capable of feeling this.. it’s weird.. it’s something i don’t know… it is something that i don’t want to happen..


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